Hearts on Fire und Satsang Retreat with Pari

04.- 08. August  and 11. - 15 August 2014

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Satyaa´s successfully launched first solo Album led in a natural flow to her "Kundalini Yoga Mantras Vol 2”. Like a Garland of Flowers these Mantra compositions reach from deeply meditative songs like “Wahe Guru” or “Ek Ong Kar” to groovy and uplifting Mantric songs like “Hum Dhum Har Har” or “God And Me Are One”...

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Mantra Silvester Celebration

New Year´s Eve with Concerts, Dance, Satsangs, Celebration…
29 December 2014 - 02 January 2015
Jonathan Seminar Hotel
83339 Chieming/Hart
Booking: bettinaschwarz@aol.com
Bettina: 0221/6910300
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F A M I L Y   C D

Yoga Journal:
Das neue Album „1-2-1“ (One to One) von Satyaa & Pari lässt die Herzen von Kirtan-Liebhabern und Yogis höher schlagen... More here ►

Interview at the Yoga Festival in Berlin 2012
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The new album of Satyaa and Pari offers a fine and hearty collection of Mantras, Sacred Chants from India....

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The New Book of Marianne Scherer about Sun Yoga and an Audio CD with new Chants from us.

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________________________________________ _Satyaa and Pari live at the Rainbow Spirit Festival , click here   

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Chanting and Satsang retreats in Corfu, Greece

 04 - 08 august 2014  and 11 - 15 august 2014