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Hearts on  Fire - Chanting Seminar 2019
Attention: divine ecstasy warning! Bhakti in action!
When was the last time you sang and laughed to your hearts content ?
Sing or cry your heart out to God, to your Self!
Come and share the sweet wine of a drunken heart - drunk with love for the Divine! 
This is pure love purifying everything: body, mind, soul.
Let your heart loose and sing your way to Love, Happinness, God!
Its love for the divine, its love for life, its love for everything!
To sing is one of the most direct paths!
Come and join this divine song, that never ends.
Highly recommendable, this group consists of four morning chanting sessions from 11 to about 13.30, from monday to thursday and is ending with an open roof Mantra singing  Celebration on friday evening at 21.00
This seminar is held at the Alexis Zorbas retreat center in Corfu, Greece

Booking of seminar : Tel: 0221/6910300

Booking of stay at Zorbas:      Tel: 089 649622828

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Satsang with Pari : 

29 July - 02 August and 05 - 09 August 2019

In Satsang Pari is inviting us to see what lies behind the usual identifications with who we think we are.
God, Love and Liberation is to be discovered and seen - not just believed in!
Without going anywhere or doing anything find the eternal source of happiness and truth in your own heart.
Life has a meaning only if you know who you truly are.
Satsang intensive is held at the Alexis Zorbas Center in the evening from 21.00 till 23.00
Satsang Intensive and Hearts on Fire chanting seminar are held the same week at different timings.
It is possible to book both seminars together or individually.
This seminar is held at the Alexis Zorbas retreat center in Corfu, Greece

Booking of seminar :, Tel: 0221/6910300

Booking of stay at Zorbas:      Tel: 089 649622828