Mantra New Year´s Celebration 2018            Auf deutsch hier
4 Days of bliss with Concerts, Satsangs, Yoga and Celebration...
29. December 2018   - 02 January 2019     
This is a truly very special event that has developed over the years into a sacred way of letting go of the old and opening up to the NEW!
The new year is starting now!
There are daily offerings of beautiful and intimate singing rounds with Satyaa and Pari, Satsangs, Yoga classes, much dancing and lots of laughter and celebration!  The retreat takes place at the  Hotel Jonathan near the lake of Chiemsee in the south of Germany. 
Jonathan Seminar Hotel
Kellerstr. 5
83339 Chieming/Hart 
Seminar Booking:
Hotel Booking: 
Telefon (08669) 79090   
Guest Musicians:
Hans Christian (cello...), Manish Vyas ( tablas)  and Chintan (percussions...)
To the New One!!! 
We had a an incredible beautiful new years celebration, dancing into the new timeless 2013 with Mantras, Dance, Satsang and connectedness within our Hearts! Thank you all for participating and opening to the Light within! Let´s be a light unto ourselves and unto the whole world! Jai Sita Ram!!

Thank you for our heart for the beautiful Mantra Silvester Celebration
It was a very special gathering, profound, loving and healing energy indeed.
Blessings to everybody
Pics New Years  here