Pari and Satyaa are offering together seminars and retreats since 1995 in Corfu, Greece. These offerings function like a temporary sangha, in a special time and space, where people meet to dive deep into the reality of their hearts. There are seminars/retreats focused on Satsang, on Chanting - like "Hearts On Fire" - and some which offer both plus more group activities, indoors and outdoors, like massage, dance, rituals a.s.o., like "Garden Of Peace".

These retreats are a rare and intimate opportunity to experience the inwards journey to the ONE within a safe, friendly and nurturing environment of a seminar. The focus is always the ONE and the same: melting more and more into THAT what we ARE.

Exploring and living our divine nature is not merely an intellectual understanding or activity, it is enhanced sharing this longing with others who share the same longing; this is the actual reason for any sangha. 

While a concert or a satsang  can be already as such, as a single event, deeply satisfying and fulfilling, the participants of the retreats have the chance on a daily basis during the retreats duration and after that, to experience, validate and deepen their understanding of what it means to BE WHAT YO'U ARE!

In these offerings you can deeply relax and have yourself supported by the "others", by the group and -most of all - by GRACE!

Upcoming 2019 retreats in Greece here