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Yoga, Dance and movement

Satyaa´s yoga dance is a special combination of dance with repetitive body movements. Both elements, dance and movement, are kept very playful and simple which makes it very easy to participate. 
This yoga dance includes the yogic knowledge of the flow of our life force - prana - within our body. These specifics and yet easy exercises bring about the beneficial effects of yoga in a dancing way. Many exercises remind of asanas - yoga postures - only less static and are being with music or even with singing. It´s a beautiful, alive and fresh way to wake up to life: heart, body, soul. Great chance to experience an other form of yoga and dance; Satyaa is here absolutely in her element with her natural love for movement and for dance like one can experience her in many of her public concerts.

Satyaa and Pari
Satyaa and Pari live on Corfu, Greece. There they have been involved with Alexis Zorbas, a retreat center for meditation, holiday and seminars, a place full of beauty and joy of life. There Pari has been teaching since many years meridian stretching and Satyaa yoga dance.
Their passion is the singing of mantras. Since many years they belong to the internationally most renowned musicians and their CDs are being sold worldwide successfully.
Their concert at the previous "Deutsche Wellness Tage" was booked out with 600 people.
More infos: www.alexiszorbas.com

Meridian Stretching - the easy step into the flow of life

Among the various offers of exercises from East and West there ares some that stick out because there are easy to perform and yet very effective. Just like these exercises called meridian stretching that Pari will introduce during the Deutsche Wellness Tage in Baden Baden.
Efficient yet uncomplicated these stretches are a flower of the taoist view of life. To live means to be in movement and constant change. Our body needs a healthy flow of life force which is being provided by the six meridian stretches introduced here. More relaxed and at the same time full of vitality, you can experience without much effort how your body and heart and soul become happy and one again.
Pari is explaining while he is participating in the exercises and shares much humor and wisdom.
A healthy quiet heart within a vital and healthy body.