Surrender Cd review by Yoga aktuell 2005 

Surrender review Translation from German to English:

November 2005
There is music that expands into the room touching everything like a tender veil, softly caressing the soul. It´s this kind of music you are listening to on the new Mantra-CD release "Surrender". The mantras on this CD, the fourth from Satyaa and Pari are partially self composed songs and partially traditional melodies. This form of mantric interpretation is really a treat for the listener. On this CD one finds a well chosen compilation of beautiful mantras.
Satyaa and Pari are offering regularly kirtans and satsangs at their summer retreat center  in Greece and are touring during winter offering mantra singing concerts. On most of the tracks it is Satyaa´s voice that transmits a deep sense of devotion with her clear voice and discrimination never to get too much. Pari as well sings with a rare to be found sense of deep passion in a decent quiet manner that  touches the heart with its honesty and simplicity. Among various well known instruments like tablas and flutes as well as african djembe drums one can hear the greek string instrument: bouzouki and it is surprisingly well melting with the indian melodies. With deepest pleasure one takes the title literal by the word and relaxes absolutely in the vast ocean  of Surrender; resistance would not only be absurd but also useless.

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