Secret Kiss CD review by Yoga aktuell 2007

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One could not call it a secret tip, their latest album "Secret Kiss" because there is already quite an amount of fans and friends waiting for their latest release.

The two artists have produced again a piece of art, one can highly recommend. Light, groovy sounds, immediately catching, which one enjoys after the thousand time as much as the first time listening

These Mantras are a real treat, opening the joyous heart of being, chasing away worries, a true anti-stress-therapy and  pure bhakti in action. Similar to the other albums of Satyaa and Pari, they are introducing beautiful sanskrit healing mantras blending them with contemporary melodies. 

Additionally there is the name giving song  called" Secret kiss" in two versions with some english lyrics with an infectious good spirit. This album is very deep, at the same time soft and light like a warm summer breeze. It offers a rich variety of mantras and melodies for every mood and different aspects of spiritual feelings - light, hearted, relaxed, joyous fiery, devotional meditative and always sincerely from the heart of devotion. Never pretentious, though!

With one word: uplifting!