Satyaa and Pari´s concert at the Wellness Tage 2007

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Mantra singing:

Everybody knows it, latest since the movie hit ( "Like in Heaven"): singing can be a beautiful pleasurable method to open the heart and expend consciousness. Since thousand of years people have been singing to express deep feelings and emotions. Nearly all major spiritual traditions share the importance of singing of religious songs. Higher consciousness is a matter of experience not a matter of believe. It is an inherent ability of each and everybody. An advantage singing in an unknown language like sanskrit is that the words are not associating with every day experiences and prejudices. With an open mind and with an open heart mantra singing becomes a very special expenrience.

Satyaa and Pari sing mantras since many years all over the world. Their concerts and seminars are an invitation to sing along and to arrive at oneself. Their CD Surrender belongs to the most sold CDs in the international yoga scene. Each of their concerts is a unique experience.

Pari Laskaridis  Meridian stretches:

A very special gifts out of the treasure box of eastern exercises: Here we are dealing with special meridian stretches, easy to perform and a great practice for keeping our body-mind-mechanism healthy and vital. Meridians are just like channels where in the flow of life, chi is flowing through our bodies. This flow is the guaranty for health, life, physical and mental balance. Regular practice of these easy to perform exercises, results in increase  of bodies immune system, generating peace and centeredness in our hearts. Pari introduces us to these traditional chinese medicine practices in his relaxed, easy and humorous way.