Extract of live Satsang with Pari at the Rainbow Festival 2007


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Question:  How does it work to let go ? Does it happen just by itself ? Or is the only thing, that we can create ourselves?

Pari: Okay, do you have a second ?

Questioner: Yes

Pari:  To let go is something that you cannot find or make happen. To let go is just like humbleness, a deep understanding and acceptance of our own impossibility to create something better than we are by our own effort or doing. You can definitely not motivate your real Self to appear. To do or create this "let go” is impossible. It is rather the flower of our own understanding to accept, that we can do nothing. This is the end of the road.

The end of this road was for the mythical Buddha, for Siddharta, a situation after he had tried everything possible what a human being could do: He was meditating for eight years, has fasted for more than twenty years, recited a certain Mantra for 396 years, has spent in deep meditation with a master for 800 years- one day he was so tired, that “let go” just happened.

After you have tried all you can do, to letting go happens. If you don`t want anything anymore, if you are exhausted or if you just don`t see anymore any reason for all of this. If you give me a second of your time, you don`t have to prepare yourself for 800 years, because it happens just in this moment.  In this moment you recognize a thought coming up. You asked me this question and now I have the responsibility for it. You got rid of your own question. So now trust me for one second and don`t follow any of your thoughts. Also don`t follow your expectation, that your letting go of will happen  instantly: “When does the letting go happen? About 30 % are achieved, now 40 %, and now,  this feeling has  disappeared again…” A constant weighing up with the mind happens. The observer is always aware of how much letting go happens. This is the most strenuous thing, so much effort is needed. It is similar to the situation, when you invite sleep to come to you. For the sleep there is only one capacity needed, to let go of the body, the spirit, the feelings- no matter whether you are them or not. When you have the thought or question, whether you are your body or not, you definitely will not sleep and letting go can`t happen. The order” let go!” causes pretty much the opposite. Probably you have already experienced that. 25 years ago I got a massage, which I still remember even today. The person, who gave me the massage told me: “Let go! Relax! You are totally tense!” He shaked me for making me more conscious of myself and my tensions.. But like this -  nothing related to letting go or relaxation can ever happen. Relaxation means to realise, that you don`t reach anything by effort. Relaxation is happening by itself. Relaxation is to let go, it is a kind of surrender to the heart. Relaxation happens and it will come to you, when you are appreciated by her. She doesn`t love someone, who is looking with so much effort for her. The hard working people don`t smell very well. She (the relaxation) goes to people, who have tried so much, that now they are ready, to let go. She kisses these people, she loves their presence. This is the secret of letting go: to realize, that there is nothing to do.

Questioner: Okay, thank you.

Questioner: When I come together with similar people, like here in this Satsang, I feel very fine. But when I am at home again, doing my work and everyday life is going on, I get this feeling of lack and heaviness. Then what I`d like most would be to quit my work.

Pari:  Ask your neighbours, the persons, who are sitting next to you. My answer is very simple, so simple, that no one likes to hear it. This answer needs some time, until it can drop to your heart. So drop by drop a whole waterfall falls into your heart. It needs still some more experiences. Don`t make any difference between here and your everyday life and your job. While you speak, there`s something present, that gives you the energy to speak, and the energy for the moving of your lips. The same energy, which makes you live here at this moment, is present when you are at home and at your job. The job is not the only thing, that exists, but you have learned to be identified with it. Now you learn by and by to give your conscious love, to that what you are. Then you learn little by little to respect and appreciate that, what`s given to you, because it`s Yourself, wherever you are. Some mysterious secret is happening: your surroundings adapt more and more to your inner state of being. But you are in the paradise, because the paradise is you. If your job doesn`t fit anymore, because it is a burden to you or because of some other reason, at this moment you need nothing to do, because there will be always something new coming up. This confidence you need. As long as you live with a job, that`s not fulfilling for you, look simply at your situation. At first don`t do anything with that. Create in your heart something, which carries you everywhere you go, before you decide something quickly. It is natural, with every job you feel different. In a dancing club you feel different than here, or at your work, or in a cinema for example.  There are a lot of different places in our lives, but you are still everywhere the same person. Find out simply, who is beating in your heart – always- if you are in the job or in the Satsang doesn`t matter. These differences disappear slowly by themselves. This mystical secret – that the outer world grows closer together with your inner heart -  happens by itself, without any help. I don`t know, how it happens. Your heart is all over, it is so big as the whole Universe. In your working situation your heart will be working on your computer, and in a different way it will be your heart speaking in the phone…Look at all of this, it`s all your own Self. Until you are certain about this deep understanding, be aware and careful with yourself in a loving way. You can be with this situation, as if you have just invited a beloved guest and now you are waiting for his coming into your heart. Being in this trust means, allowing anything that you like or don`t like, for example the police is coming, because your car parked wrongly. Don`t forget during these moments, that you are waiting for your guest. That keeps your flame burning in your heart, because you are still waiting for your beloved guest. At the same time you are going to work, bills are coming in to your house, you meet some people, nice one`s and someone you don`t like. With this inner trust you will get a new beauty, which will attract your guest very fast. The guest will ask for you, will look to reach you. The only thing you can do, is to make you as beautiful as you are. To make yourself beautiful means to wait for the guest in your own heart. Often we have no choice concerning our own living circumstances: we didn`t  choose our own parents, you may have studied something, you don`t really like. These days it is not so easy to find a job, even if you were okay with a job, you don`t love. If you are looking for a job, and you find nothing, stay open for whatever work comes to you. At the end it is not so important, what you do. When you are doing things out of love for your own Self, the world around you will change, that`s for sure. This is a secret mystery in life, that I don`t understand. If you will understand it, you can explain it to me, come and let`s talk about it together.

Questioner:  Can you tell me something about forgiveness

Pari:  Begin first with yourself and forgive yourself for all the things you`ve never forgiven till date. To forgive means to dig in the past, to dig in old stories of your life. The past likes to involve into the presence and even old feelings of guilt are coming up from your our memories. Why to deal with old dead fish? Why digging out the old bones from the cemetery This is being in love with morbidity. Forgiving happens in this moment, now! Let go the whole past, look at this very moment: your heart is beating, if you have forgiven or not. Your heart is totally unimpressed by this- fortunately, all hearts would stop beating otherwise. Forgiving itself has no essential truth, it is a Fata Morgana from the past. Come into life, come into this moment, come into the truth! Now this is the only moment you can live, and now forgiveness can happen. You don`t have to write a telegram: “ Bernd, I forgive you. – Jochen, it was so disappointing when we separated from each other. I will never forget. I forgive you.” This is part of our drama. Come into Life now, and forgiveness will happen with every step you do. Be simply here- in this moment. You are not here?What is looking through your eyes? There is something, what is looking into the world. You can`t see your own retina. Nobody has ever seen his own retina, don`t try it. But the people, who claim, that they have seen God, try to tell us: I have seen my own retina” Forgive them!

Questioner:  What is happening here in the Satsang? With all these questions and answers our mind will get nourished and occupied again. Isn`t it that, what we in fact didn`t want?

Pari:  This is a very beautiful question. Most of our problems are, if not physical, created by our own thoughts and concepts. Our thoughts and concepts say: I am as I am, not perfect, or I am not worthy; I am not capable to love and I am not a lovable person. We have a lot of concepts, that prevent us from living our own life, the way existence sets it up originally. The way existence would organize everything if we didn´t interfere all the time. In the Satsang I do nothing else, than to remove a thorn by another thorn. Therefore I am using words and concepts. Only a few people understand, what I mean, and therefore they are concentrating only on my words. This is wonderful - yet leaving this room, forget every word you have heard here. If your heart has got a taste from what I was talking about, then hold on to that taste- in stillness, without any words, and if it resonates with you: taste it, taste it and taste it!  Let go of all the words and concepts. Some teachers are teaching stillness by presence. Words and stillness for me are the same. I know, that a lot of people give the impression to be still sitting here with closed eyes, and they are believing themselves that they are still inside. Hear me: it is absolutely possible to speak in stillness. All my words are focused on stillness. As far as I am concerned, I haven´t spoken even one word today. As far as you are concerned : this is your problem. Let go of all the words, and listen to what I´m trying to point out today. I point out what you are, what I am, what we are, because we are sitting all in the same boat. Some of you can understand me in stillness, because they understand themselves. Not everyone has asked a question, but most of you have understood. I have send an arrow in one direction and someone else is being hit. I really don`t know, how it works, but every time in Satsang it happens.

( Noted on the 12.th Rainbow–Spirit-Festival 2006)

About Pari`s life:

Pari was born in a village in the greek mountains. Very early in his life, he began to search for truth, happiness and god. This searching brought him finally to a living master in India. After a lot of years of deep experiences with OSHO he met 1991 in Lucknow/ India Poonjaji ( Papaji). With the grace of this master he realized the nothingness of all experiences and even of the person who makes the experiences- awakening happened. Truth, love, god happens in our hearts and Pari transmits this deep inner knowing to us in an authentic, humorous and simple way.

Together with his wife Satyaa they are an extraordinary chanting couple.