Interview with Satyaa and Pari about Mantra singing by Yoga Aktuell


Second Munich Yoga-Day –“ tasting different traditions, enjoying Oneness”

A large number of Yoga schools – about 40 – join up together for the second Yoga day in Munich. The motto for this year is “ experiencing different traditions, enjoying Oneness”. The schools and studios present their program and open their doors for one day. It is possible for everyone to try out some new Yoga styles, take some lessons and talk with different teachers, and that`s for free. It will be an amazing opportunity to look around, to get to know better the Munich Yoga scene and to come into contact with other Yoga people.

In the evening there will be a common end and a celebrating together: First the well known Yoga teacher R. Sriram will give a lecture, afterwards there is a final concert with Satyaa and Pari.

“ The sound of the heart´s music “

An interview with the musicians Satyaa and Pari about songs, channels for the divine, and about the spontaneous interaction between the musicians and the audience.

Yoga Aktuell:  Could you try to describe your music in a few sentences►

Satyaa:   We are singing mostly old Mantras, written in Sanskrit and self-composed Mantra songs, songs of devotion, but also Bhajans. I learned them in India when we met our great master Poonjaji.

Pari:   Our music intends to touch the heart of everyone and of course chanting the songs is also for ourselves, for our own deep longing to be one with the Self and with god. In this concert we will sing some Bhajans. A lot of them are traditional. But most of them we composed ourselves. With our music we like to come into contact with the heart of the listeners.

Yoga Aktuell:  What are Bhajans►

Satyaa:   Bhajans are songs from the indian tradition, which are expressing the love for god. It is about the longing of the human soul to connect again with her own source, with the divine. Due to the singing of these songs the divine in us can be awakened directly. Of course you can call them also songs of devotion.

Yoga Aktuell: What kind of meaning do the mantras have►

Pari:   The mantras, that we use are quite popular in the Indian culture and religion. “ Mantra “ means: a way to do, a kind of technique to master the mind. It gives you the possibility to open up the space of inner silence and presence. Mantras – you can speak them, hum them, sing them. Often they can be used for different goals: they can be helpful for dissolving physical or mental pain. But mainly they are used for the awakening of our divine presence.

Yoga Aktuell: How did you get together► And what was the impulse to make music together►

Pari: It happened in India in the presence of our great master Poonjaji. He has always done a lot for the aspect of surrender and devotion. Of course spiritual practice and intellectual understanding were as important as the aspect of “ Bhakti “. At that time I played a song from the 70 ties for him, a song of George Harrison`s album “ Goddess of Fortune “. When  he heard the song   the first time, he took every opportunity then to let me play it again and again. Like that Satyaa and me come together as musicians and as a couple.

Satyaa:  When I was in Lucknow I heard some women singing Bhajans for him. I felt such a deep longing, to learn these Bhajans. At that time I was singing sometimes english songs for him, and so he called me a lot of times to sing and dance for him. The summer later I joined with some other women, who were caring for Papaji and like that I have learned a lot of Indian Bhajans and old Mantra songs. I was deeply touched by them and their great power. So we sang them to him very often. After I traveled with Pari to Greece, I was singing sometimes in the center, when Pari was giving Satsang. I was wondering about the resonance of the listeners.

Yoga Aktuell:   Did you notice any difference between the audience in India, or in Europe►

Pari:   Our Mantra concerts are a melting together of energies, on one side our music, on the other the audience. It is an energetic coming together. They react to our music, we react to them. There is oneness created and our hearts can touch each other. This happens naturally stronger with people, who have a connection with these songs, then with people, who are “ new “. But it is basically the same in India or in Europe: if you open up for god, for love, for happiness, this creates an energy field; it is the power of love.

Yoga Aktuell:   You are singing some songs in English, some in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is known as a holy language. So this old language is it more appropriate to reach the essence of the human being as the English language can do►

Satyaa:   Indeed Sanskrit is the only language, who has the great power of expressing the divine essence and truth with words. Perhaps it is like that, because the Mantras are used in this language since thousands of years, and because you repeat the Mantra ever and ever again.  This way they gather more energy. Even if you don`t know any Sanskrit ( me too I have only a basic knowing ), you can feel the power, that is in the words. There exists a lot of literature about the different influences of the words of some Mantras on different parts of your body and Chakras. But beside this practice for healing the body, they are used mainly for the spiritual use: for opening the heart for the divine, for consciousness and for love. In a playful way we were using sometimes also the english language, it connects us in a very natural way to our everyday life. 

Yoga Aktuell:   You are playing songs of devotion. Is the German audience, who is well known as more mind oriented, able to open up for this kind of music and especially for devotion►

Pari:   Of course! After some reservedness  it clicks at last and we are astonished how the spark of enthusiasm reaches all the people. We are experiencing this again and again, no matter if it is a german audience or another nationality, we observe how much the longing for happiness and love is just common human longing.

Yoga Aktuell: According to your opinion,  why is music so important for the opening of the heart►

Satyaa:   Music and singing are softly letting our mind aside and enable us  to open up directly to the way of the heart. Nothing is wrong with the mind and his activities, they are invited to join the fire of joy and happiness singing within us!

Yoga Aktuell: Which role is playing the body, when we sing►

Pari:   The whole body gets into vibration, when we sing. All bones of our body are vibrating, all organs are moving, the heart and our lungs get massaged softly. The body is like a musical instrument, the strings of our heart begin to sound by using special Mantra songs. So the whole human being is touched – soul, spirit and body. You can feel this wellness in your body; something in the body begins to let go, to relax, the heart fills up with joy, the stress in the head flies away. The singing has healing qualities and it is active Bhakti yoga; like this the whole body is involved and integrated as well.

Yoga Aktuell:   During the last years you are more often on yoga events, like the Yoga conference in Cologne or the Yoga festival in Berlin. How you explain the growing interest for your music►

Satyaa:   Mantras are an important part of the Yoga practice and the last years the interest for Yoga has been growing more and more; so a lot of people come from the Yoga practice to the practice of Mantras, the practice of devotion. Yoga means basically the re-connection of the soul,  that seems to be separated, with the highest reality – with god. With joy we are aware of this process, that more and more people get profoundly interested in the essence of our being irrespective of their religion or culture.

Yoga Aktuell:   Are you preparing yourself for the Yoga day in Munich► Are you choosing and composing special songs and Mantras►

Satyaa:   No, mainly we don´t prepare our concerts, because we love the direct contact with the audience. Concerning the order of our Mantra-songs, it is spontaneous and it depends on the kind gathering and the co-responding musicians and listeners. We have a lot of Mantra songs in our luggage and god decides the sequence. 

Yoga Aktuell:   Where the people can sing with you, when they can`t come to the Yoga day►

Pari:   We are living and singing the whole summer in our center Alexis Zorbas in Corfu. There we organize our Mantra concerts weekly. Besides we are travelling a lot and stay in different cities in Germany. The dates of our tours and concerts you can get on our website: We come back to Munich, and will play in Würzburg, Frankfurt, and Cologne. And every year we are celebrating New Year`s Eve, at different places.