Garden of peace CD review 

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Songs of devotion:

Pictures and stories from classic indian god-couples like Krishna and Radha have the potential of igniting a deep longing for unity, dissolving into the Beloved - also for us "westerners". Even stronger is the effect of traditional indian mantras and songs which praise divine love and surrender. If those songs are being performed by a couple that in their appearance and hearty and natural way of performance remind us of Krishna and Radha just like Satyaa and Pari do singing about them, then the heart has lost all of its defense. Those songs are a witness to the power of love. From Surrender to the unknowable and infinite, touching that which is beyond any relation which lets us live, dye and be.

To this point the couple has released 3 CDs with indian mantras and love songs to sing along.

Satyaa and Pari: Garden of peace, Silenzio

By Christian Salvesen