Alexis Zorbas retreat center

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ALEXIS ZORBAS. At home under the greek sky.

Holidays with Satyaa & Pari on the greek island Corfu: In the center of the well known chanting-duo the guests can choose among a variety of interesting offers. It is a place to relax with a high well being value. 

Sometimes good things are nearer than we think, as for example the “ Alexis Zorbas “. It`s a little, spiritual oriented center, only two hours distance by flight from Munich. It is located on Corfu, on one of the most beautiful greek islands. Corfu is the most northern and the second biggest of the ionian islands, and coming to Alexis Zorbas means to get rid very easily of all the stress and enjoying fully the Greek way of life. The center is situated on the north-western part of the island, in Arillas, a small village with a beautiful beach. Every year many tourists from Germany or England  come to this village to spend their holidays at the sea with a lot of sun during the season. 

At the center the guests feel relaxed, because there`s no mass tourism mentality but  an open space for warm and personal contacts. It means a lot for the two owners of this little oasis,, Pari and his German partner, that all guests and visitors feel “at home” and that they can relax profoundly. And this happens very quickly. On one side there are these comfortable rooms and lodges in the center itself or in the surroundings, on the other side the good, vegetarian food cooked with love and with a lot of variety. The cooks are serving every morning and evening a delicious vegetarian buffet. You find the restaurant in the garden. From this quiet place you can enjoy both – your meals and fresh Greek salad as well as the beautiful view on the bay of Arillas.

Even in a symbolic meaning the guests of Alexis Zorbas can feel “ at home “: it means to come home at oneself. Certainly one reason is the wonderful landscape of this beautiful island and also the familiar atmosphere of the center, which makes “coming home” easier. But there is also this big offer of different workshops from May until October. One or another of these workshops has certainly touched, and opened the “door” for the inner Self, for this being at home. The program offers a big variety – from Yoga and Massage and painting seminars to Satsang – with different teachers and masters, for example Samarpan, or others. There exists also the possibility for Mantra singing and chanting and of course enough space for a lot of laughing. Beside this offer of workshops you will find also a daily program, with meditation classes, which are focused on the body,  movement or dance. Even soft stretching or Yoga can be part of this daily program, which you can enjoy. These exercises can be an advantage and help for your body, and they can bring back all the lost flexibility and energy in everyday life.

Deeply touched are the guests when Satyaa and Pari invite to their own Satsang or one of their chanting workshops or evenings. For the couple, who met in Lucknow India visiting Poonjaji , chanting is a very important way of Bhakti yoga, a wonderful possibility to remind us, that we are all one in our heart. What is meant by that, will become obvious on one of these beautiful summer evenings, when all guests come together to sing these songs of devotion and love, swaying in a common rhythm, which makes every heart dance with joy. Listening to Satyaa and Pari make reveals a deep connection with the music and heart perfectly clear and you may get the feeling, that they never did anything else than to sing and meet their guests in a loving way. They are using these old powerful Mantras, which are written in Sanskrit. Mantras and songs they have learned during their stay with their master Poonjaji in India. This music relaxes the spirit, so it is possible for the spirit to return back to its own source - pure being. Like this it becomes possible for people to let go of their mental concepts thus opening the space of devotion and surrender. Even if some guests initially are more shy and holding back, a glow of passion always clicks between them at the end.

But even when this feeling of Oneness arises quickly in the center, it is at the same time very important, that every guest has the freedom to do whatever he or she wants. It is this mixture of personal freedom and independence, as well as this huge offer of workshops and other activities that makes “ Alexis Zorbas “ so unique. Many people come here since a longer time, some of them for more than 15 years spending here their holidays. They enjoy all the possibilities to go wherever they want, for example to the mountains, or hanging out at the beach, or just staying under the shadow of some old greek olive trees.

It is for sure wonderful to spent time in this garden of Alexis Zorbas and enjoying fully the deep blue greek sky.