Article about Chanting in Europe, Yoga U.K 2005 

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About Satyaa and Pari (extract from the article):

Satyaa and Pari were born in Greece and France but their longing drew them to Lucknow in India, where they experienced chant and meditation as as an ongoing daily lifestyle. “ Our teacher was a Krishna bhakta (devotee) throughout his life and loved bhajans and chanting very much. On many occasions, he called for us to sing for the people gathered there. Singing in front of our teacher, a self-realised being, was the most transforming experience for us.

As they tour Europe offering chant and mantra, they feel a continued  connection to divine happiness through song. “ Because we are singing we re getting happiness, and because we are happy, we just have to sing! It is both the cause and effect of our divine happiness! It is great to sing and feel your own heart dancing in your chest and feeling how this dance expands and touches others.”

So is chanting a group you belong to► Do you have to sign up at the door► Give away all your possessions► Satyaa and Pari put it this way, “ Music and love are universal. Europeans like to chant and to sing to God – which in essence is their own heart – because they have a thirst, a desire to find a source of deeper happiness within themselves. We see this thirst in people everywhere we travel. “ Meditation and mantra chanting leaves a melody that lingers in the heart.

Anyone from any walk of life can benefit from its practice. The chants have a positive, healing vibration which can linger in the body/mind for hours, days, even weeks after chanting. Indeed, the experience that these artists have had with various yoga masters, gurus, and saints has left a lifelong impression on their hearts; so much so, that they want to come out and share it with people everywhere. “ Singing with people creates a feeling of intimacy that is very dear to us” says Satyaa and Pari, “it is our main focus”. The gift of love and presence they receive from their own teacher allows them to connect with people from all walks of life. There is no group to sign up for, no lifelong commitments – just enjoy the evening .