About Satyaa and Pari and their CD in Greek Yoga Magazine 

Satyaa and Pari- Surrender, Garden of peace, Prayer

Songs of devotion to the divine at their best. In the fourth CD of Satyaa and Pari Surrender recorded in Corfu opens the way for the feeling of oneness with our inner truth. The music is expanding into our inner space like a soft veil, embracing us on wings of love which we had long forgotten, soothing our souls...

"Singing songs of devotions is an immediate way of reunification with the divine. It´s our own heart singing to itself songs of love and devotion. Singing together we help to reminding us of the already existing unity in our heart and it is an even deeper blissful experience singing these sacred love songs together with many people. Chanting is a path of Bhakti Yoga, a path of Surrender. Without explanation or special technics or systems of knowledge you immerse yourself into the divine presence in your heart. Using strong mantras we help our mind to rest into the silent heart. Singing these sacred songs, all words and mind constructions which we have created about the divine start to disappear. Making our hearts experience the drunkenness of divine love directly and immediately".

On these CDs with the carefully selected mantras and the clear voice of Satyaa we can experience a very special feeling of devotion. Also the presence of Pari with his voice touches us with his honesty and simplicity. Together with the most energizing mantras and the great sounds of many known instruments like flute, guitar, harmonium, tablas, african djembe, drums and tampura, their is also a very popular sound of our boozooki which goes incredibly well with all the other instruments.

Satyaa and Pari offer weekly events, singing mantras at their center Alexis Zorbas in Corfu.

Sound can be a therapeutic force of its own and is so much stronger when combined with words of power, mantras. Guiding us on our journey home to the heart. Satyaa and Pari are often traveling to international yoga centers like Jiva Mukti yoga center in New-York or Kripalu center for yoga and health as well as other places in Europe giving the chance to many people to experience the fire of devotion which shines clearly through their songs... In his 20th Pari went to India in search for Truth and God.

He met many Saints and visited many different ashrams mainly in South india, finally he was led to Pune where he met Osho and took sannyas in december 1980. About 10 years later he met Poonjaji in North India by his devotees affectionately called Papaji by his devotees. Here by the Grace of Papaji the search stopped and a sense of living life moment to moment appeared.

Satyaa liked to sing and dance since early childhood, spending hours reciting songs that she liked.

Later on she studied different dance styles. She studied at the Beaux Arts of Geneva. Although she loved her studies very much there was still a feeling that something was missing. This deep inner longing lead her to India where she met Osho and took sannyas in 1989. Through the grace of Osho she discovered a whole new way of life, new way to dance, new way to sing. What made the difference is meditation. In 1991 she met Poonjaji and stayed 5 years with him. Her contact with Papaji opened the dimension of deep devotion and silence. Music and dance became an expression of gratitude and deep love. In 1995 she moved with Pari to Corfu where they are living with their daughter Mira. Satyaa has released 4 CDs with Mantras and devotional songs. Together with Pari at the Alexis Zorbas center where they are living in the summer month, they are performing regular events, traveling the rest of their time. For those who want to purchase their CDs, they can either directly contact the Alexis Zorbas center or contact directly Silenzio records in Germany.