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Yoga aktuell April/May 2014


Interview with Satyaa on Kundalini Yoga






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Yoga Journal 2014

Interview mit Pari








Osho Times 2013








Yoga Journal special edition on yoga and family, 2013

 Mira, our daughter interviewed on chanting and her life

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Satyaa & Pari ´s Altar in their home in Munich

 Yoga Journal - März/April 2013  PDF Article







Die Wurzel – Fachzeitschrift für Vitalkost (Rohkost)

Interview mit Satyaa & Pari may 2012

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Yoga Aktuell

Mukti Cd review by Sneha Behru

In the field of arts, just as in other areas of life, it is important to go on developing while staying loyal and true to oneself.

Exactly this Satyaa and Pari have been managing again and again, also to be seen in their latest album...

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Interview with Satyaa and Pari about Mantra singing

by Yoga Aktuell

An interview with the musicians Satyaa and Pari about songs, channels for the divine, and about the spontaneous interaction between the musicians and the audience...

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Article from Pari about searching and Music





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"ALEXIS ZORBAS. Being at home under Greek heaven."

"Holidays with Satyaa & Pari on the Greek island Corfu: In the center of the well known chanting-Duo the guests are expected by a great offer. It is a place for rest and most agreeable...."

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PARI – „ Spirituality and everyday life or Nirvana is Samsara“

A lot of people give a lot of attention to the question, how to integrate their spiritual experiences in to their normal everyday life with all its obligations and duties. They are looking and longing for a solution. Here you can get aware of a big duality, two worlds, which cannot come together- it seems...

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CD review: Surrender CD by Yoga U.K 2005

Devotional chant at its best from two of the hottest names in the industry. This is the fourth album from Satyaa and Pari, containing powerful mantras...

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Extract of live Satsang with Pari at the Rainbow Festival 2007

"Your heart is everywhere, it is as big as the whole universe..." 

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Secret Kiss CD review by Yoga aktuell 2007

One could not call it a secret tip, their latest album "Secret Kiss" because there is already quite an amount of fans and friends waiting for their latest release. The two artists have produced again a piece of art, one can highly recommend...

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Article about Chanting in Europe, Yoga U.K 2005

"Our teacher was a Krishna bhakta (devotee) throughout his life and loved bhajans and chanting very much. On many occasions, he called for us to sing for the people gathered there. Singing in front of our teacher, a self-realised being, was the most transforming experience for us"...

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Garden of peace CD review

Songs of devotion by  Christian Salvesen

Pictures and stories from classic indian god-couples like Krishna and Radha have the potential of igniting a deep longing for unity, dissolving into the Beloved - also for us "westerners...

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Surrender Cd review by Yoga aktuell 2005

There is music that expands into the room touching everything like a tender veil, softly caressing the soul. It´s this kind of music you are listening to on the new Mantra-CD release "Surrender"....

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About Satyaa and Pari and their CD in Greek Yoga Magazine

Songs of devotion to the divine at their best. In the fourth CD of Satyaa and Pari Surrender recorded in Corfu opens the way for the feeling of oneness with our inner truth. The music is expanding into our inner space like a soft veil, embracing us on wings of love which we had long forgotten, soothing our souls...

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Satyaa and Pari´s concert at the Wellness Tage 2007 and  Meridian Stretching with Pari

Everybody knows it, latest since the movie hit ( "Like in Heaven"): singing can be a beautiful pleasurable method to open the heart and expend consciousness. Since thousand of years people have been singing to express deep feelings and emotions....

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Satyaa and Pari Festival-Highlight







Yoga Aktuell Magazin

An interview with Pari








Visionen One Spirit Special

Magazin 04 - 2009

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