In the early nineties there has been happening a gathering of spiritual seekers around an exceptional Master in Lucknow, a town in North India.

This Master, H.W.L.Poonja, later to be known as "Papaji", was already known to some indian and western devotees as a true "jivan mukta", a self-realised being. He has been a disciple of Ramana Maharshi, one of the greatest saints of India, known as the "Sage Of Arunachala".

By the time westerners started to gather around him in Lucknow, Papaji was in his eighties and traveling was getting less easy for him. While younger, he was often traveling around a lot, so nobody could be with him for a longer period.

Among those many westerners who came to see him there was also Satyaa and Pari.

While the first years in Lucknow Papaji was focusing more on the teachings of plain Advaita (Non-Duality) and immediate awakening Here And Now, later on with the growing numbers of visitors and residents, there were many bhakti (devotional) practices, like singing of bhajans (songs of love to the Divine), traditional Hindu chanting, many english chants composed by the visitors, singing Mantras( holy verses, words of power from Sanskrit), or simply sitting in the silence of Guru Bhakti (the grace of the Devotion to the Guru).

Papaji was invited to and visited many birthday parties, all kinds of inaugurations and even performed HIndu marriages at the Satsang Bhavan and other places. There was an intense communal living with almost daily Satsangs with him, spontaneous chanting sessions either at his house or in the Satsang Bhavan.

 It was out of this energetical field of bhakti and chants and silence where Satyaa and Pari met and started to sing together.

Papaji often used to call for Satyaa to sing and dance. Together with Pari and other musicians she sang many times before Papaji and while living in Lucknow started to compose own songs of Love and Devotion.

Soon after they met,  Papaji married them in Lucknow in 1995. They often sang in his presence, in the Satsangs and other occasions. 

The first thing one immediately feels listening to their music is their authentic love for what they are singing about. It is this taste of simplicity and humanness.  Love for truth, freedom and happiness has been the source of inspiration ever since and keeps on expanding. 

The focus of their music is to touch and open the heart for love. Love for God, love for the divine, love for Life and Happiness. 

Their love for Divine Music, Mantra singing and Bhakti has manifested in their CDs, retreats and live performances all over the world.