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Dear Satyaa, Dear Pari,
Did you know that your music is being played all over Rishikesh all day all night
I was very much surprised and felt home with the music here, at the other edge of the world. Sending you Greetings from mother Ganga
Om Shanti
Miriam( Mother of Berlin Yoga festival)
Here Yashodhara from Holland to send you much love and gratitude for your being on this planet and making such sweet music. Only 3 weeks ago in Laxman Jhoola, I heard your singing for the first time,. My heart made a jump and although I was in a hurry,  I HAD TO stop and listen.
I did not know it was you. Then I saw the picture on the CD  "Prayer" and I was so overjoyed to recognize you guys.
Papaji did his work very well, its still spreading over the world.
 Now I am listening and singing along with this CD all the time.
It is so sweet, so total full of devotion and straight from the heart. Thank you very much!
Surrender CD
I ordered the cd "surrender" from you - after I had heard it at a friends house. And for over a year now, I´ve been doing my morning yoga to it, I haven´t got bored or tired of it, instead I´ve loved it because together with my yoga, it brings me a wonderful sense of stillness - Isn´t that something
But now - I´d like the 3 CDs that is time to enjoy MORE...!
Catharina Hemberg (Sweden)
Surrender CD
Thank you for spreading the Lords Holy names through your most extraordinary transendental melodies. It makes me feel as though I were in Vrindavana.
Goloka ! Ki jai !
Kathy Bennett
Concert in  Spain:
Satyaa, la pareja de Pari, es muy femenina, tiene mucha Shakti, si no sabéis lo que es tener Shakti, ya lo veréis en el concierto!!!

En el último CD ( To the One) han sacado un canto a lo femenino que es precioso, se llama Shakti Om, dice el nombre de muchas Diosas, que viva lo femenino!

Pari es un gran maestro, él me puso el nombre de Hari Dass, fue muy especial para mi.
Secret kiss
Beautiful album. A Spiritual treasure
This album will touch the spirit of your soul. Beautiful arrangements, gorgeous harmonies. My two personnel favorites: Buddham Sharanam and Vande Gurudev. Pari's voice on Vande Gurdev is wonderful.
This album will have you singing the mantra's right along with Satyaa & Pari.
The title track Secret Kiss could possibly make mainstream radio play lists. I love how they included the translation of the texts in the cd jacket.
Great album. I'm glad this album crossed my paths. Peace to all. -  oJoe   

Want to tell you how much I enjoyed Satyaa and Pari!
To my surprise they performed at Kripalu last Sunday morning. There had to have been several hundred yoga teachers singing, dancing and moving to their memorizing chants.
Their performance should not be missed by anyone!! Please tell everyone at the studio and their friends that they don't want to miss this spectacular event. To be honest with you I have never been one to enjoy chanting but they were so moving that I rushed down to the Kripalu Shop to buy their CD. I am sold and now consider myself as one of their biggest fans! Karen (October 2005) 
I am currently a volunteer at Kripalu and I was blessed enough to be
with you Sunday morning for the chanting. Thank you for helping me get
closer to God. I hope to see you again...maybe in Greece.
Love and light, Joey     

CD "One to One" 

I just love your new CD. I hear it up and down.... while I drive so often in the car these days because of our house.
It´s sooo beautiful. I love to listen to your new CD and I enjoy so much to listen to Mira´s beautiful voice too.
It´s such an wonderful mix.
Just imagine me driving all the way through this magnificent Black Forest... in tender green coulours these days..., empty roads..., sitting in the car..., open windows... and singing loud with you!
Whenever I arrive at our house I am in best spirits... T.


Your new CD is the summer hit album in One Spirit.
We love it, sing it, dance it one to one! 
Thank you for sharing it so early with us.

Tell Mira that we love her song also very much.

Om namaha shivaya




Dear Satyaa and Pari, My wife and I attended your kirtan at Integral Yoga, NYC, last year. It was a wonderful experience. Would love to visit you in Greece sometime (I have family there, too).


James H. Reho




 I just wanted to thank you both of the nice and wonderfull mantra-sing evening in Luxemburg
 Good energie( well love is :-) ) and good vibes


Thank you once again for your kindness, your beautiful singing, your friendship & your support. We had such a blissful and great time in Korfu and the feedback of our group after the last class was very mindblowing. Some said it was the best thing that ever happend in their lives and that totally new dimensions arose in their hearts because of bhakti yoga. 
Satyaa and Pari are in a class all of their own.  The mantra chanting 
and Kirtan they did here on Sunday morning at the KYTA conference was 
unlike any I’ve experienced.
 They will be invited to return to Kripalu Center for next year’s event, our musical festival and whenever they are back in the US.
Vandita (director of Kyta: Kripalu Yoga teacher association)
Thank you for your beautiful music full of the shakti of devotion; I just listened to some of your songs for the first time on CD, and it made me cry.


From the sweetness of longing and love for God. 

Namaste, Becky

Beloved Satyaa,

I just want to let you know that i absoutely LOVE your new cd. It´s such a pleasure listen to. It´s pure beauty, pure devotion. It´s mind blowing and heartblowing...its so cleaning... till everything is blown away and only my pure soft energy is left. It´s so WOW! I could hear it the whole day!
Such a perfect and femine CD. Thank you, so incredible !
I love you and Pari with all my heart!
Have a beautiful time . See you this summer again .

Voller Dankbarkeit darf mich diese CD seit Korfu täglich begleiten, mit einem Lächeln samt der Erinnerung an all die Weiblichkeit, die ich mit meinen Korfu-Schwestern erleben durfte - folgend der Einladung von Daniela Hutter, gewogen und sanft getragen voller Zärtlickeit in Satyaa Laskaridis Stimme - und der besonderen Erinnerung, als ein wahrhaftiger Engel mir die CD mit einem bezaubernd strahlenden Lächeln hinlegte, lächelte und sagte "viel Freude damit" und mein Herz in ihr Strahlen einstimmte - Danke Rabiya Andrea Schömig für die Achtsamkeit und Aufmerksamkeit und Liebe, die Du schenkst!!!

Yin-Energie, das ich Euch hiermit teile ;)
My new favourite CD, this music is goreous and absolutely addictive! A MUST HAVE for every collection. Satyaa & Pari are at the top of the game with the like of Wah!
Julie Whitson
Can't get enough
Let your heart sing with this beautiful music with Satyaa and Pari. Experience the joy!  
I just want to express my appreciation for the experience of hearing the two of you during both the program and satsang. Each of you has a beautiful presence and together you radiate Love. I just bought Surrender and Prayer from CD Baby. You were all sold out at Kripalu the day after your performance! I look forward to sharing your music with my yoga students. Many blessings to you as you continue to spread your love around the world. Colleen Web
Garden of peace 
Beautiful. Healing. Calming. Takes me back to India sitting by the Ganges.  
I have just received your CD "Garden of Peace" (ordered through prabhu music), and
would like to express my deep gratitude and joy for this wonderful music. Satyaa's voice really touched my heart and her devotion brought tears not only into poonjaji's eyes but also mine. I appreciate the very pure and simple style of the music, bringing joy as well as peace to the listener. I am particularly moved by the bhajan "tumhin mere mandir"... jay mâ,
Hari OM
I had bought a copy of ths CD last year and play it often in my yoga classes. I just bought a copy for a friend. It is one of my favorite albums. It sets a beautiful peaceful mood.  » author: Terry Myers
Mantra DVD:
Dear Satyaa - Dear Pari !
I just watched your DVD - it`s wonderful, very wonderful - it`s wonderful to have you "live" in my livingroom ...  
» author: Christine Marquardt
namaste all!...
i must say that i am truly entranced with the beauty of your beautiful music... i am a massage therapist - and work with a lot of ayervedic treatments - your music is very beneficial  to me in more ways than one...
i would love to attend your concerts for sure!... we will have so see how your schedule and my schedule connects...till then - may you all be richly blessed and i am proud to have such a beautiful collection of your mystic voices...please keep in touch!.. asita persaud (new york , august 2008)
I felt such deep wisdom in your music, and Satyaa's voice keeps singing in my mind. Thank you. I am not religious, but have recently learned to believe in the power of puja and the Vedas, especially through chanting, and want to learn and experience more. There is something about live performance that puts me into touch with this infinite being so powerfully. I had the pleasure of sitting in the front at your concert at the Princeton yoga center. I was at the end on your right, if you might have noticed me, especially when my voice came out finally during Shiva Shambhu. Your evocation of Shiva put me in rapture so easily each time.
Richard Johnson
I experienced your surprise visit to Omega in New York last month and I fell in love with your work.
..My wife's family is from Corfu...We might be able to visit you in Greece.
We live in Fair Haven, New Jersey, USA.
Bob LoPresti